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How Can You Sustain Path Of Exile Maps And Alchs?

In Path of Exile, sometimes you have to run some T11s, hell you will even throw some white sextants on shaped Channels and run a handful of those, but you have yet to look at your map stash tab and had zero red maps to run. Do you want to know how to sustain maps and alchs?

I have 120 atlas completion, 1 t12, 13, 14 and 15. I stay in only my tier 13. Ever. I sell the rest of those shaped maps in bulk. Maps are not only dropping they are my main source of income. Bloodlines or Vaal orb my 13's + chisel. I also keep an eye on poe orbs buy.

That's is. I save up 8 T14 and sell for 110c. I take that money and buy 10 t13s. The other 50c goes into the money pile. I buy exa's asap with that money + other money I Make from mapping. I also bulk sell the t12's and 11's same deal. I pick up a exa worth of chisels when the rates are good. 

Doing this I have fully gear my toon and saved 23 exa so far. I currently have 47 t13's and Ill buy more in bulk when the rates are good. I could easily run all these maps and never buy, but I like me tier 13 a lot. Hope this helps.

Guy says he can't sustain map, I told him how I do it. Get downvoted. Maybe if y'all listened on how get maps instead in non stop bitching on Reddit and down voting good advice you would have some reds.

You have still to realize that hes ssf, in a trade league you can simply buy some maps or alchs and get back to a normalled out streak. And don't tell me alchs are expensive. They are NOW, but not many people start the league now, they started when alchs were 1:4 or even 1:5.

You can still get a solid return with selling lower maps once you hit a decent tier and can hold it. So it just gets better. People try to tell me its the game, but in fact its the player. I recognize its hard for newbies, especially if they start late league or don't play much early league tho. But if you get better at the game you realize its more the player and not luck or anything.

Hopefully the above guide will be helpful to you. If you do not want to lag behind others due to lack of orbs, you can buy poe currency on u4gm.

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